Wellness Wednesday: No obection to “no thank you.”

Another rerun, but with the holiday & office party season upon us, an important message.

Three years ago, I posted No Objection to “No, Thank You.”  The upshot: there’s no need to shame someone who doesn’t want a drink at a holiday party.

A regular reader responded to the post with a fantastic idea: when the reader hosts parties or dinners, the reader uses the same types of cups for all drinks, whether alcoholic or not.   That way, someone who isn’t drinking, but who is self-conscious about holding a glass that’s obviously soda, juice or water, need not feel uncomfortable.

(Now that I think about it, the reader might use tinted glasses.  Whatever the reader uses, you get the point.)

It’s a great tip.

Enjoy the season and the parties.  And let others do the same.



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