Wellness Wednesday: STOP IT!

For those of you who remember Wellness Wednesday: EnoughI’m guessing that today’s post will be different than what you might expect from the headline.

For me, sometimes “wellness” is as simple as a smile or a laugh. And today’s story gives me both.

As reported by the ABA Journal, Houston Chronicle, Above the Law and other outlets, Judge Vanessa Gilmore issued a fantastic order this week.  Here’s the first line:

Whiny Lawyers

For those of you who skip straight to the end upon receiving a much-anticipated court order, here are the final few lines:

Whiny Lawyers 2

Not surprisingly, the order issued in response to a discovery dispute.  I can’t tell you how many complaints & inquiries I’ve received that are remarkably similar.

Judge Gilmore: I feel your pain!! Thank you for contributing to my wellness this week! Hopefully your order deters behavior that, in my view, is a gateway to the stress & frustration that detracts from wellness and drives good lawyers from the profession.

Oh, and on a more serious note, here’s to TJ Donovan, Rob McDougall and the lawyers & staff in the Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Division.  Yesterday, they took time to contribute to the wellness of others by volunteering at the Good Samaritan Haven in Barre.

Thank you TJ, Rob, and team!

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  1. Charity. Good idea. My favorite Vermont charity is The Himalayan Project. It is run by Job Heinz in Waterbury. They’ve organized a body of volunteer doctors who fly all over the world removing cataracts. For $25.00 you can restore someone’s sight.

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