Stay Strong!

Welcome to 2021 Well-Being Week in Law!

Today’s theme is Stay Strong.  We are focusing on physical well-being and its importance to our overall well-being.

A few minutes ago, I recorded this video.  In it, I shared some thoughts on physical well-being.  The key takeaway is to remember what I’m NOT asking you to do.

Medical science types know that physical well-being can help to reduce anxiety and calm stress. In turn, reduced anxiety & stress helps to avoid burnout and depression.

So, I’m not asking you to commit to run a 5K.  Or to take up cycling.  Or to hike the Long Trail.

I’m asking you to take a few minutes to consider whether you could:

  • Get more regular activity;
  • Eat better;
  • Sleep better;
  • Reduce or limit the addictive substances that you put into your bodies.

Each is an aspect of physical well-being.

And, for those of you in supervisory roles, I’m asking you to take a few minutes to consider whether, as a legal employer, there are ways that you could do more to promote the physical well-being of those who you supervise.

Don’t know where to start?  The Institute for Well-Being in Law has resources galore.  For instance,

  • Could you stand up for 2 or 3 phone calls or virtual meetings?
  • Could you go for a walk a few days a week?
  • Could desk yoga be for you?
  • Do you have 2 or 3 minutes for a breathing exercise?
  • Can you turn off your devices before you get into bed?

Each can help.

Finally, don’t forget to exercise your brain.  Your brain is as part of the physical you as any other body part.  Personally, I suggest playing Hunt-A-Killer with your mom & brother, but that’s just me.  For you, it might be chess, or crossword puzzles, or mindfulness.

That’s right: mindfulness is a form of brain exercise.  And if mindfulness interests you, the VBA scheduled two mindfulness courses for this month alone!  For more info, check out the events calendar on the VBA’ sleek new website.

Whatever it is for you, I invite you to take steps to improve your physical well-being.

More importantly, I invite you to start small.  It’ll add up.

Stay strong.