Stories from a Bar

Whether with my family & friends, as part of the teams I’ve coached, or as a member of the Vermont bar, I’ve always thought we should do more to record, remember, and pass on stories of & from those who went before us.  You know, establish an oral tradition.

So, I’m starting a new column: Stories from a Bar. Double entendre intended.

Eventually, I might accept reader submissions.[1]  Especially from members of the Rutland County Bar Association.[2]  Alas, for now, the stories will be from my career and, I think, will focus on my time in the Professional Responsibility Program.  It’s with a mixture of amazement, bemusement, and sadness that I note that ‘my time in the Professional Responsibility Program” provides more than 22 years’ worth of material,

Without further ado, the stories:

[1] You’re free to send a story.  I’m not required to print or use your story.  Ever.  I might, but I make no guarantees.

[2] My honorary membership in the RCBA ranks quite high on my personal list of career accomplishments.  Many thanks JV.