Lawyers Helping Lawyers: Part 2

In March, I blogged on the issue of lawyer impairment.  The post referred to the Hazelden Study, a study that found staggering rates of “behavioral health problems among lawyers.” In particular, problems associated with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety. My post asked that you not approach the issue from the perspective of whether another lawyer’s health problems trigger … Continue reading Lawyers Helping Lawyers: Part 2

Anxiety, Stress, and Work-Life Balance for Lawyers

Last month, and in response to the New York Times piece The Lawyer, The Addict, I posted Lawyers Helping Lawyers – Keep it on the front burner. Earlier this week, the ABA Journal posted Jeena Cho’sthoughts in response to The Lawyer, The Addict: Talking about the elephant in the room – social anxiety.  It’s an interesting post on the critical importance … Continue reading Anxiety, Stress, and Work-Life Balance for Lawyers

HELP: Wellness & Well-Being Resources

RESOURCES FOR COPING WITH COVID-19 RELATED STRESS & ANXIETY COPING WITH COVID-19 RELATED STRESS & ANXIETY Lawyer Wellness & Lawyer Assistance Vermont Lawyers’ Assistance Program ABA Well-Being Toolkit for Lawyers & Legal Employers ABA Well-Being Toolkit in a Nutshell Lawyers Depression Project ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs The Addiction Center Al-Anon Alcoholics Anonymous Alcohol … Continue reading HELP: Wellness & Well-Being Resources


I do a lot of CLEs this time of year.  This week, I’ve met with the Professional Responsibility Program, the State’s Attorneys, and the Chittenden County Bar Association.  Later today I’m presenting at the Defender General’s training.  Next week: the Attorney General’s Office and Andy Mikell’s VATIC conference. Obviously, each presentation is different.  Yet, I’ve … Continue reading 108

Lawyer Well-Being

The Vermont Bar Association’s 61st Midyear Meeting is set for this Thursday and Friday. Jennifer and Laura have a fantastic program in place.  It includes seminars on: ESI and admitting electronically stored info into evidence; (TECH COMPETENCE!!) legal ethics; free speech in the workplace; DACA and other hot topics in immigration law; a primer on … Continue reading Lawyer Well-Being