Stay Strong

Welcome to 2022 Well-Being Week in Law!

Today’s theme is “Stay Strong,” with the focus on the importance of our physical well-being. Here’s a video with some of my thoughts for the day.  It’s only 6 minutes and includes the story of how my fear of bees almost caused me to jump the railing and sprint away from the deck as I was setting up.

Don’t worry. I don’t ask people to run a 5K or hike the Long Trail. Rather, I encourage folks to find one thing to read, to listen or watch, or to do to improve their physical well-being. For ideas, check out this participation guide put out by the Institute for Well-Being Week in Law.  Or do your own thing! As the guide indicates, Well-Being Week in Law

  • is designed so that people and organizations can participate in any way that fits their goals and capacities. If you want to participate in multiple things every day, that’s great. But also feel free to select only a few things over the entire week that match your priorities.”

If you have an Apple Watch, Vermont lawyer Tammy Heffernan has offered to host a month-long challenge associated with well-being. Tammy set it up so that there are both team and individual challenges. Instructions on how to sign-up are at the end of this post.

Many of the guide’s suggestions can be completed in 20 minutes or less and no amount of participation is too “small” or “inconsequential.” For instance, here’s an article on how to improve well-being via better sleep habits.

Remember to include non-lawyer co-workers!

Oh! And don’t forget about prizes and fame. The Institute for Well-Being in the Law is offering a chance to win prizes by completing the 2022 Well-Being Week in Law Participation Survey.  Or, you can show your commitment to well-being by participating in the Social Media Challenge.  Finally, I will use my blog and Twitter account to mention any member of Vermont’s legal community who lets me know that they, their co-workers, or their office/firm participated, even if just barely, in Well-Being Week.

Be well!


”VT Attorney Well Being Team Challenge ”

First, download Challenges:

Once you have the app, enter invite code: ‘cheu’ or tap on the link below to join:


“VT Attorney Individual Challenge”

First, download Challenges:

Once you have the app, enter invite code: ‘kfdk’ or tap on the link below to join:

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