Engage & Grow: the debrief video

It’s time for Wednesday’s debriefing!

But first, many thanks to those of you who joined the conversation and shared your thoughts. I appreciate your involvement, as well as your continued commitment to the well-being of the legal profession.

Again, it’s Well-Being Week in Law.


Today’s topic is Intellectual Well-Being, with the mantra “Engage and Grow.” The focus is on striving for continuous intellectual engagement and growth in our work and personal lives.

Earlier today, I posted this blog in advance of a group discussion we had at noon.  A few minutes ago, I recorded this video (5:36) in which I provide a short debriefing of the discussion.  Check it out.  Among the key takeaways from today’s discussion:

  • many confirmed that pro bono work provides an opportunity to engage intellectually while at work. Especially when providing pro bono services in an area outside your normal practice area.
  • another avenue for intellectual growth within the law is board service. For example, a lawyer mentioned serving on a school board and the associated opportunity for intellectual growth because of being exposed to education law.
  • I continue to learn of more and more lawyers who have fascinating interests outside the law! Interests that require intellectual engagement. Today, a lawyer who taught himself to play guitar.  And another who is on her 110th consecutive day of taking at least one French lesson per day.  C’est fantastique! During the discussion, I committed to learning how to . . . . (the answer is available only via the debrief video!)
  • Finally, we had an insightful talk about Impostor Syndrome. For one, so many of us have experienced it. For another, each of us who has was surprised to learn that so many others have too. As I mentioned this morning, if you feel like a phony, or like someone who doesn’t belong in the profession, (1) you’re not; and (2) you’re not alone. Check out the debrief video for additional thoughts.

Thank you again to those who joined today!

I’ll host another discussion tomorrow at noon.  The topic will be Social Well-Being.  The discussion will focus on the importance of finding communities and forging connections within those communities. I’ll post the link tomorrow morning.

Engage & Grow!

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