Align: the debrief video.

It’s time for Tuesday’s debriefing.

This morning I posted Align! It introduced today’s virtual meeting in which we discussed a critical component of wellness: spiritual well-being.  The focus was on striving to align our work lives with our personal values.

Here’s the video debrief.  It’s only 4:31 and includes references to The Office and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It also goes into more detail on three takeaways from our discussion:

  1. It’s okay if finding meaning in your work is not a core value. Wellness is not one-size fits all. For reasons that could be the topic of their own CLE, there are some among us whose wellness is better served by work that appears rote or boring to others of us.
  2. Just because your work lacks meaning to you doesn’t make it meaningless.  What you do is important to someone, perhaps a client, others with whom you work, or Future You.
  3. A few of us are going to use this exercise to identify & commit to our core values. If nothing else, I like the idea of writing to Future Me.  Probably something I should’ve started doing long ago.

Don’t worry if you missed today’s discussion.  We will reconvene tomorrow at noon to discuss Wednesday’s theme:  Engage & Grow.  The focus will be intellectual well-being, constant curiosity, and striving for growth in both our personal and work lives.  You can join the discussion here.

I’ve not yet finalized the agenda, but it might include me talking about the Electric Slide.

But for now, Align!

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