Important Updates to Judicial Emergency Order.

Yesterday, the Vermont Supreme Court amended Administrative Order 49, the order declaring a Judicial Emergency.  I urge you to read the amended order and Explanatory Note:

In short, and not as a substitute for reading the order yourself, the April 6 amendments:

  • postpone jury draws & jury trials scheduled to take place before May 15;
  • suspend the requirement to file paper copies of appellate briefs and printed cases;
  • permit the Supreme Court to hold oral argument by telephone, video, or other electronic means;
  • make important changes to the requirements related to (a) notarization of court filings; and (b) the administration of oaths at both depositions and court hearings;
  • postpone the July administration of the Vermont Bar Exam.

Competence includes reading the April 6 amendments and Explanatory Note.

The Court’s initial order and amendments:

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