Wellness Wednesday: Legal Acts of Kindness

Last night, I posted about a lawyer who engaged in disturbing conduct.  I hope that today’s post serves as an anti-dote of sorts.

2Civility is an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.  Its focus is to advance “the highest standards of conduct among lawyers to better serve clients and society.”

Last month, 2Civility’s deputy director, Stephanie Vilinski, posted Let’s Talk about Legal Acts of Kindness.  Stephanie’s post ran in conjunction with World Kindness Day.  I’m a bit late in calling attention to Stephanie’s message.

And it’s an important message.

Early on, Stephanie writes:

  • “Attorneys don’t typically talk about legal acts of kindness. So, let’s begin to change that.”

From there, Stephanie shares 5 ideas for change. I’ll list them, but the post itself is worth reading for the additional info that Stephanie provides with each idea.  The ideas:

  • “Be fair and empathetic.”
  • “Agree that it’s okay to disagree, but not to be mean.”
  • “Thank another attorney.”
  • “Take care of yourself.”
  • “Work for improved access to justice.”

Great ideas!

Implicit in the post – and, I think, in all 2Civility’s work – is that wellness and civility aren’t one-offs. Runners don’t increase their speed & distance by running once on a Wednesday.  They get faster & gain endurance by make running part of their routines.

Wellness and civility are no different.  Sure, it’d be nice if, on occasion, you mix-in to your day 1 of  Stephanie’s ideas.  It’d be nicer if you work to make them part of your routine.

Let’s begin.

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