Monday Morning Answers #178

Happy Monday!

It’s a happy one here.  Because we have the LARGEST HONOR ROLL EVER! Thank you!

Friday’s questions are here.  The answers follow today’s Honor Roll.

Honor Roll

  • Karen Allen, Esq.; Karen Allen Law
  • Matthew AndersonPratt Vreeland Kennelly & White
  • Penny Benelli, Dakin & Benelli
  • Alberto Bernabe, Professor, John Marshall Law School
  • CeCe ConradCostello, Valente & Gentry
  • Honorable John M. Conroy, United States Magistrate Judge, District of Vermont
  • Beth DeBernardi, Administrative Law Judge, VT Dept. of Labor
  • Andrew DelaneyMartin & Delaney Law Group
  • Erin GilmoreRyan Smith & Carbine
  • Laura Gorsky, Esq.
  • Robert Grundstein, Esq.
  • Tammy Heffernan, Esq.
  • Anthony IarrapinoWilschek & Iarrapino
  • Keith KasperMcCormick, Fitzpatrick, Kasper & Burchard
  • Jeanne Kennedy,  JB Kennedy Associates, Blogger’s Mom
  • Mark Kennedy, Blogger’s Dad
  • Deborah Kirchwey, Esq.
  • John LeddyMcNeil Leddy & Sheahan
  • Lon McClintockMcClintock Law Offices
  • Jack McCullough, Vermont Legal Aid, Project Director – Mental Health Law Project
  • Hal Miller, First American
  • Herb Ogden, Esq.
  • Eric ParkerBauer Gravel & Farnham
  • Kristen ShamisMonaghan, Safar, Ducham
  • Thomas Wilkinson, Jr., Cozen O’Connor
  • Zachary York, Vermont Superior Court, Chittenden Civil 


Question 1

Which is most accurate?   A lawyer:

  • A.  may have sexual relations with a client.
  • B.  may have sexual relations with a client, but only if the relationship doesn’t cause the lawyer to violate the rules (for instance, by creating a conflict of interest).
  • C.  shall not have sexual relations with a client.
  • D.  shall not have sexual relations with a client unless a consensual sexual relationship existed between them when the client-lawyer relationship commenced.  V.R.Pr.C. 1.8(j); “Court Adopts Sex Rule”

Question 2

One of the Rules of Professional Conduct requires a lawyer to maintain a system that includes “records documenting timely notice” to clients of receipts and disbursements from trust.  The same rule requires a lawyer to do something else in a “timely” fashion.  What?

Question 3

Lawyer called with an inquiry.  My response:

  • “Basically, don’t state or imply that you’re disinterested.  Correct any misunderstanding she has about your role.  And if her interests are likely to conflict with your client’s, don’t give her any advice other than the advice to secure counsel.”

Most likely, who is the “she/her” in my response?

  • A.   Another of Lawyer’s clients
  • B.   Lawyer’s former client
  • C.   An unrepresented person with whom Lawyer is dealing on behalf of a client.  V.R.Pr.C. 4.3
  • D.  a prospective juror

Question 4

Fill in the blank.

Per Comment [1] to a particular rule:

“_________________   partially true but misleading statements or omissions that are the equivalent of affirmative false statements.”

  • A.    A lawyer does not violate this rule by making . . .
  • B.    Misrepresentations can also occur by . . . . V.R.Pr.C. 4.3 (my dad appreciates all of you who mentioned you thought long & hard about “D”)
  • C.    Negotiations necessarily include . . .
  • D.    According to my dad, Lawyers excel at making  . . .

Question 5

In honor of Breaking Bad and the release of El Camino:

Breaking Bad aired for 5 seasons.  The first episode of each season included a “flash forward” scene set in a restaurant.  The restaurant is where Saul Goodman/Jimmy MGill ends up working under an assumed identity after fleeing drug-dealing Neo-Nazi assassins, his law firm, and (presumably) New Mexico’s disciplinary authorities.

In real-life, the restaurant is a massive chain often found in malls and airports.  It specializes in sugary rolls, coffee, and frozen drinks.  My favorite is in the Charlotte (NC) airport.

Name the restaurant.


Image result for saul goodman cinnabon