Monday Morning Answers #175

Welcome back to another work week. Wherever you are, I hope your Monday weather is as fantastic as it is here at headquarters.

Friday’s questions are here.   The answers follow today’s Honor Roll.

Most importantly: you have spoken.  On the issue of expirations dates, here are the results from Friday’s poll:

When it comes to expiration dates on food:

  • 63.3% – I’m like J&J. Expiration dates arrive well before the food goes bad. No mold or odor? It’s fine! 
  • 20% – I’m like Mike & Taylor.  Never, ever after the expiration date.
  • 16.7% – One or two days past is ok, but that’s the max.”

As always, thanks to all who reached out with more specific responses.  I loved every one of them!

Have a great day!

Honor Roll

  • Karen Allen, Esq.
  • Matt AndersonPratt Vreeland Kennelly Martin & White
  • Penny Benelli, Dakin & Benelli
  • Alberto Bernabe, Professor, John Marshall Law School
  • Jennifer Emens-Butler, Director of Education & Communication, VBA
  • Erin GilmoreRyan Smith & Carbine
  • Laura Gorsky, Esq.
  • Bob Grundstein, Esq.
  • Keith KasperMcCormick, Fitzpatrick, Kasper & Burchard
  • Jeanne Kennedy, JB Kennedy Associates, Blogger’s Mom
  • Pam Loginsky, Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
  • Kevin LumpkinSheehey Furlong & Behm
  • Lon McClintock, Esq.
  • Jack McCullough, Project Director, Vermont Legal Aid Mental Health Law Project
  • Hal Miller, First American
  • Herb Ogden, Esq.
  • Robyn SweetCORE Registered Paralegal, Cleary Shahi  & Aicher
  • Jonathan Teller-Elsberg, Vermont Law School, Class of 2020
  • Jason Warfield, Vermont Law School, Class of 2020



Question 1

Which is most accurate?  By rule, a lawyer shall ___________:

  • A.  reasonably consult with the client about the means by which the client’s objectives are to be accomplished.  
  • B.  abide by the client’s direction as to the means by which the client’s objectives are to be accomplished.
  • C.  B, unless to do so would violate the Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • D.  None of the above.  The rules require a lawyer to abide by the client’s objectives but are silent as to the means by which those objectives are accomplished.

This is the exact language from Rule 1.4(a)(2), the rule that outlines the scope of a lawyer’s duty to communicate with a client.  Per Rule 1.2(a), a client owns the objectives.

Question 2

By rule, when representing a client, a lawyer shall not communicate with a person who is represented by another lawyer absent the consent of the other lawyer.

True or False: the rule only applies if the represented person’s interests are adverse to the interests of the lawyer’s client.

FALSE.  Rule 4.2 applies whenever a person is represented.

Question 3

Lawyer called me with an inquiry.  I listened then said “there are 3 exceptions to the rule.  The first is if the testimony relates to an uncontested issue.  The second is if the testimony relates to the nature and value of legal services rendered in the case.”

Given my response, the testimony of who?

  • A.   an expert witness
  • B.   Lawyer’s former client, and former client is adverse to Lawyer’s current client
  • C.   a lawyer
  • D.  Lawyer’s client, and Lawyer’s client suffers from a diminished capacity.

This is Rule 3.7, Lawyer as Witness.

Question 4

By rule, Disciplinary Counsel and the Supreme Court are authorized to conduct & order, respectively, compliance reviews & audits of a lawyer or law firm’s:

  • A.  financial records
  • B.  financial records, including trust accounts
  • C.  financial records, including trust & fiduciary accounts
  • D.  C, but only upon receipt of information sufficient to establish that there is probable cause for the compliance review or audit.

The authority to conduct & order compliance reviews & audits of a lawyer or law firm’s financial records, including trust and fiduciary accounts appears in Rules 1.15A(b) and 1.15A(c).

Question 5

Privileges, confidences, conflicts.

In real-life, Paul Giamatti’s father, Bart, served as Commissioner of Major League Baseball.  There, Bart effectively disbarred Pete Rose by banning him from the sport.

On television, Paul Giamatti plays Chuck Rhoades, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  Initially, the show focuses on Rhoades’ fixation with building a criminal case against Bobby Axelrod, an incredibly wealthy hedge fund trader who owes much of his fortune to gains made as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  A complicating factor?  Rhoades’ wife, Wendy, is a psychiatrist who works as a “performance coach” at Axe Capital, the hedge fund owned by Axelrod.

Central to the show’s plot are Wendy’s relationships with Rhoades and Axelrod, and the issues related to privileges, confidences, and conflicts that arise as a result.

Name the show.


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