California Bar Exam Essay Topics Released — Vermont is NOT Affected.

(Updated at 1:35 PM to include the NCBE’s response)

A stunning development from California: mere days from the bar exam, it appears as if California’s essay topics were leaked.  In an attempt to ensure fairness, the State Bar of California apparently responded by sending all examinees an email disclosing the essay topics.

Please note:  California is not a Uniform Bar Exam jurisdiction.  The situation in California will NOT impact the Vermont Bar Exam or the bar exam in any UBE jurisdiction.

Here’s a tweet from the Cal State Bar’s verified account:

It was followed 17 minutes later by this tweet:

The Bar Exam Guru has been in front of this story.  On Twitter, Guru posted what is described as the email that the Cal State Bar sent to examinees:

A screenshot of the entire email is here.

Again, this impacts only the California Bar Exam.  Unlike California, Vermont is a UBE jurisdiction.  The UBE has not been compromised.  Indeed, from the verified Twitter account of the National Conference of Bar Examiners:

On the bright side, as bar counsel, I’m pleased to learn that California is testing Professional Responsibility this year.

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