Wellness Wednesday: make time for what (and who) matters.


Over the past three years, I’ve not stopped speaking or blogging about lawyer wellness.  A consistent component of the message: make time for what & who matters.

For various reasons, I didn’t write my regular Wellness Wednesday blog this morning.  Then, about an hour ago, I found myself scrolling thru Twitter looking for updates on KD’s injury and its impact on NBA trades & free agency.  In the process, I found this thread. It’s a more heartfelt message on attorney wellness & making time for what & who matters than any I could’ve posted.

After I post this, I could finish up tomorrow’s presentation for the Defender General’s Annual Meeting.  But I’ll have time for that in the morning.

Tonight is the most beautiful night of the year.  For us in northern Vermont, it’s possible no summer night will top it.  Indeed, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  And, when I go, I don’t want a blog post or, no offense Matt, prepping a CLE on the legal ethics of criminal defense to be the last thing I did.  So, I’m going to slice a lemon, grab a Corona, walk down to my mom’s, and wait on her deck for her to get home from her Wednesday night running class.  That’ll be time that matters.

I urge you to make time for whatever or whoever matters most to you.


PS: if i get hit by a truck on my way to my mom’s, please don’t consider this post to have been spooky. I’m Irish!  So, if it happens, my brother re-telling the story will make for the greatest wake in the great history of Irish wakes!





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  1. Just finished a run. It is the most densely beautiful night of our warm season.


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