Wellness Wednesday: “N O” is “O K”

The holiday season is upon us and, with it, invitations to parties & gatherings.   Enjoy them!  More importantly, let others enjoy them as well . . . on their own terms.

Those who know me know that I’m all about holiday cheer.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  It’s paltering.  Rather, it’d be more accurate to say that those who know me know that I don’t limit my cheer to the holidays.

But remember this: it is perfectly okay for a lawyer at your firm’s holiday party to choose not to drink.

I first wrote about this two years ago in my post No Objection to “No, thank you.”  It bears repeating.

As bar counsel, I’ve dealt with lawyers who’ve told me that one of the keys to their wellness is to avoid situations that will tempt them to make, if you will, “unwell decisions.”  For example, some avoid events that include alcohol.

I totally get it.

But may of them want to be social.  They want to go to bar events or holiday parties.  They want to see people, chat, have fun.  The interaction helps their wellness.

What they don’t want is to deal with comments like “what? did you quit for the holidays? nobody likes a quitter!!”

I know this is preachy.  But, my message is this: when someone says “no” to a drink at a holiday party?  Don’t object.

“N O” is “O K.”



2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: “N O” is “O K”

  1. Mike,

    Thank you for making this very important point. It’d be great if firm parties could make an effort to provide ample interesting nonalcoholic options (we try to do that at all the parties we throw at home). There are all sorts of great flavored seltzers these days, and with the google you can easily find recipes for nonalcoholic punches or other batch mocktails. That way, someone can have a drink in their hand and not feel left out.



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