Wellness Wednesday

Another week, more examples of lawyers engaging in proactive wellness!

But, first, happy birthday Jennifer Emens-Butler!  Jennifer is the VBA’s Director of Communication and Education and has done a fantastic job communicating to and educating the bar on many topics, including lawyer wellness.

Jennifer – may your birthday and the next year include the pursuit and realization of happiness!

Sunday marked the 1st Annual Heady Trotter 4-Miler.  I’ll get this out of the way right now:  yes, the race was at a brewery.  For any of you who think that running a race that’s sponsored by a brewery is the antithesis of attorney wellness, I submit that you have no idea what we’re talking about when we talk about wellness.

Anyhow, Sunday dawned grey & chilly in Stowe, but that didn’t deter lawyers from getting their wellness on.  Not only did I spot a few on the course, I tracked them down and forced them to pose for pictures in the fantastic hats that runners received as swag.

Samantha Henchen let me barge into her office for a picture with our plaques recognizing us as “founding runners.”  Next: I’ll get her law partner, and my former foe on the basketball courts, out there for a race with us.


Kevin Lumpkin is a fellow member of the VBA’s Pro Bono Committee.  We loved our hats so much that we wore them to Judge Toor’s bench/bar meeting:


Finally, at least Sunday’s race was flat.  The first time I ran 4 miles with Jordana Levine, it was straight up the Killington access road!

IMG_0980Why she didn’t get a hat for Igor is beyond me and likely a violation of some sort of rule!


If you ran and I missed you and your hat, send me a pic!

Want me to get a picture of you doing something active, relaxing, non-lawyerly or, preferably, all 3?  Let me know and I’ll show up to document it for a future edition of Wellness Wednesday.


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  1. […] Chris is an attorney at Valsangiacomo Detora & McQuesten.  How he convinced Rusty to hire a U-32 kid is beyond me. Anyhow, Chris and his wife, Kristin, ran the Heady Trotter 4-Miler. I failed to notice and, as a result, failed to include Chris in my post that featured pictures of lawyers and our Heady Trotter hats. […]


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