Secure Communications

Tech competence is an ever present theme on this blog.  Regular readers know the refrain:  “competence includes tech competence.”

The duty includes acting competently to protect the confidentiality of electronic communications.  I’ve blogged twice on e-mail encryption:

At seminars, including this morning’s for the VBA’s Basic Skills Program, I’ve stated my opinion that lawyers should at least consider client portals.  Thus, it was with great joy that I stumbled upon this post in the ABA Journal:

Give it a read. It’s a good intro to portals and other alternatives to e-mail.

Finally, don’t forget that it’s often the simple things that result in the accidental or inadvertent disclosure of client confidences.  For instance, not disabling auto-complete, or, exposing a client to the perils of an unintentional “reply-all.”

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