Wellness Wednesday: Island Vines

Around these parts, summer is an opportune time to work on wellness and work-life balance.  At least for me. I’m not a winter guy.

But that’s no excuse not to make wellness a habit that carries into winter! I vow to try. And, in that spirit, I’d like to use this column to call attention to lawyers who are doing the same.

This week’s focus – the lawyers who ran in Sunday’s RunVermont Island Vines 10K. I spotted at least 5. It was great to see them out there!

Let me know what your non-lawerly, non-work thing is to re-charge. Whether it’s running, reading, hiking, knitting, fly-fishing, jamming on a guitar – whatever  helps make you well – let me know.  If I can, I’ll show up, join you, and post it here (with your informed consent, of course. after all, this is an ethics blog.)

Anyhow, I’m already looking forward to who I might see Friday morning at the VBA Meeting in Manchester.  Both at the run/walk that Jennifer Emens-Butler has organized and yoga with Samara Anderson.  Thank you Jennifer and Samara for encouraging lawyers to make wellness a habit!

And speaking of Jennifer – she writes a column in every issue of the VBA Journal.  It’s called “Pursuits of Happiness.”  In it, she shares stories of lawyers who are doing fantastically intriguing & interesting things that have nothing to do with the law.  Happy things.  That help make and keep them well.   Check out the column. Or better yet, let Jennifer know about your own pursuit(s) of happiness!

The 10K’ers

Amber Thibeault – Ward Law – her first ever 10K!

IV Amber

Cara Cookson – Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services

IV Cara

Scott Kline – Vermont Superior Judge

IV Judge Kline

Eric Knudsen – Langrock Sperry & Wool

IV Knudsen

Dave Mickenberg – Mickenberg, Dunn, Lachs & Smith

IV Mick


Find something that helps you be well and make it a habit!

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  1. I’ve worked with Samara Anderson since the March bar meeting – that has been great! She’s taught me a lot about yoga and meditation. I love to swim, walk, hike (limited by my knees), bicycle, and especially cross-country ski. I’ve learned that taking breaks every day helps reduce stress and makes me more efficient in my work.

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