Five for Friday #128

She kept the hotel key.

Welcome to #128!  Vermont Route 128 is, of course, how I get to the Steeple Market, which is the official market of this blog.  And, of course, Route 128 ends in Essex, home of the Champlain Valley Fair.  Where, tonight, the gang and I are going to the Old Dominion concert.

I love the fair.  ALways have.  I’m not positive, but I think my parents used it as a baby-sitting tool when I was a kid.

Michael, take your brother to the fair.”

“Mom, it’s like 7AM.”

“Now!  And stay all day.”

“That’s what we did yesterday.”


Latchkey kids are the best.  But, I digress.

Oddly, for liking the fair so much, I do not like rides.  Not one single bit. Mainly because I’m a big ole chicken.  I have vivid memories of paralyzing fear gripping me – – as I stood in line for a ride!  The ride itself?  Awful. Like, on a scale of 1-10, it was infinity level of awful.  I’d close my eyes and pray for the entire ride.  I think my stomach might clutch tonight if I even happen to glance at the Pirate Ship.

No, for me, it’s the food.  And the people watching.  But mostly the food.  Fried dough.  Al’s French Frys.  The magical building where every single food item is maple. I mean, seriously, how awesome is that?  EVERY SINGLE THING HAS MAPLE!  Maple!  Nature’s best condiment!  (well, after peanut butter).

But the best of them all?  Mr. Sausage.

Back in the day, I worked at a gas station on Shelburne Road.  My buddy Skip’s dad owned it.  Skip knew Stan Gumieny, aka Mr. Sausage, and we both knew Stan’s daughters, Julie & Jill. For 2 summers, I took a week off from working at the gas station so I could work for Stan, grilling sausages at the Fair.

Sweet Italian sausage.  Hot and spicy sausage.  Grilled peppers & onions, the greasier the better.  So much mustard that the health department might arrest you on the spot.

I don’t remember many details.  I remember it was hard work.  Hot, and busy.  And I was kind of lazy – Stan often had to yell at me not to serve sausages that were only half-cooked.  Health regulations or something silly like that.  But I had a crush on Jill, so I was more than willing to work double shifts.

And the smell.  I always loved the smell of the food at the Fair.   I know you all know what I mean.  Drop me in blindfolded and tell me to guess where I am, it’d take a millisecond. And, to this very day, even though I rarely eat it, I love the smell of sausage being grilled.

Mostly, I recall it as being fun.  Hanging out with my friends, acting like we were real restraunteurs, cranking the tunes & drinking beers as we cleaned the grills each night after closing.  Endless, in our minds. Looking back, it’s one of those things that you do, having no idea how good you have it at the time.

It was the best summer job I ever had.

Alas, as it does, life intervened.  Summers end.

I haven’t seen Skip, Jill, or Julie in forever. I don’t even know where they are.  But, I know this: tonight, whether or not he still works the grill, Stan’s Mr. Sausage stand will be at the fair, serving up fully cooked, fantastically tasty sausages.

And I’m going to have one.

Onto the quiz!


  • None.  Open book, open search engine, text/phone/email-a-friend.
  • Exception: if you must, open book for Question 5 . But, we try to play that one straight.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the Vermont Rules of Professional Conduct apply
  • Team entries welcome, creative team names even more welcome.
  • E-mail answers to
  • I’ll post the answers & Honor Roll on Monday
  • Please don’t use the “comment” feature to post your answers
  • Please consider sharing the quiz with friends & colleagues
  • Please consider sharing the quiz on social media.  Hashtag it – #fiveforfriday

Question 1

Which belongs somewhere else than with the others?

A lawyer shall:

  • A.   keep the client reasonably informed about the status of the matter.
  • B.   explain the matter to the extent reasonably necessary to permit the client to make informed decisions.
  • C.  in an ex parte proceeding, inform the court of all material facts known to the lawyer which will enable the court to make an informed decision
  • D.   Trick question. All 3 are in separate rules.

Question 2

True or false.

There’s a rule that specifically requires a lawyer to make reasonable efforts to expedite litigation, consistent with the interests of the client.

Question 3

By rule, a lawyer shall not act as an advocate in a trial in which:

  • A.  the lawyer is likely to be a “necessary witness”
  • B.  another lawyer in the lawyer’s firm is a party
  • C.  another lawyer in the lawyer’s firm is a witness
  • D.  All of the above.

Question 4

A client’s failure to abide by the terms of a fee agreement:

  • A.   is not grounds for a lawyer to move to withdraw
  • B.   mandates that the lawyer move to withdraw
  • C.   permits the lawyer to move to withdraw
  • D.  is not covered by the rules of professional conduct

Question 5

Inspired by a recent text from one of the first people ever to follow this blog.

Bob Loblaw is the Bluth family lawyer on Arrested Development.  His advertising slogan is “You don’t need double talk, you need Bob Loblaw!”  Also, as do all great lawyers, he blogs.  His blog is the “Bob Loblaw Law Blog.”  The Bluth family hired Bob to replace the incompetent Barry Zuckerkorn.

In real life, the actors who play Loblaw and Zuckerkorn also played characters in a sitcom that debuted 30 years before Arrested Development.

Name the sitcom.

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