Scam Targets Justices of the Peace

On the road this morning, I heard from Lon McClintock.  Lon is a regular reader and frequent member of the #fiveforfriday Honor Roll   He shared news of a scam that is currently targeting Justices of the Peace.  I suspect that many of you are JPs, know JPs, or represent JPs.  So, I’m passing it along.

The scam is a variation on what should be a familiar scheme.  More specifically, it’s a twist on Example 1 from this post on common trust account scams.  Here’s how it works:

  • Justice of the Peace is contacted and asked to perform a marriage.
  • JP agrees and informs Betrothed of the fee.
  • Betrothed sends a check that is an amount far in excess of the fee.
  • JP contacts Betrothed, says the check is for too much.
  • Betrothed instructs JP to deposit the check & send Betrothed a check for the difference.
  • Betrothed’s check turns out to be fraudulent, but by the time JP learns of the fraud, money is gone from the account that JP used to refund the excess.

Please let me know if you or a JP you know is targeted by this scam.





One thought on “Scam Targets Justices of the Peace

  1. This scam just happened to me. I received a check more than my fee. Bride said the money was for the photographer too. I should cash the check and give her the money.
    When at the bank the teller told me the check would not clear. I told the bride that I was very mad at her for involving me in a scam.


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