Workplace Happiness

As I mentioned earlier this week, the plenary session at today’s Midyear Meeting of the Vermont Bar Association introduced the Vermont Commission on the Well-Being of the Legal Profession.  The Supreme Court formed the Commission in response to last summer’s report from the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.  I blogged about the report here.

The report makes recommendations to various stakeholder groups within the profession.  In short, each stakeholder group is encouraged to ensure that the profession prioritizes lawyer well-being.

One of the stakeholder groups is “Legal Employers.”  Laura Wilson and Ian Carleton co-chair the Legal Employers sub-committee of the Vermont Commission. This morning, each made an important point: lawyer wellness is much more than substance abuse and depression.  It includes creating a positive environment within the workplace.  As Laura and Ian articulated, every single lawyer is either an employer, an employee, or both.

A positive environment within the workplace.  In other words, a place where people are happy to work.

With that in mind, it’s ironic that minutes after hearing Laura and Ian speak, I came across James Goodnow’s post at Above The Law: Blinded By The BenjaminsGive it a read.

While it might be aimed at BigLaw, I think Goodnow’s post is valuable to legal employers & employees in firms of ANY size. Simply, is your firm a place that values Career, Cause, Community?  If not, what changes are you going to make so that it does?

Again, for a great explanation of why the 3 C’s are so important, check out Blinded By The Benjamins.

Sadly, this post caused me to break a promise I made a few months ago when I said this blog would never again mention Puffy.  But, low-hanging fruit is too easy to pick.  And, as Goodnow’s post makes clear, when it comes to the lawyer well-being, It’s (Not) All About the Benjamins.

Plus, it’s got Biggie in it. And while I’m a West Coast guy, Biggie is Biggie.