Five for Friday #97

Welcome to #97!

97 is the number of blogs I didn’t write this week.  You see, I’m back into coaching.  In 2014, I retired after having coached varsity basketball for 15 years.  This year, I agreed to help a friend with South Burlington’s middle school teams.  He’s got the “A” team, I’ve got the “B.”  Is it different than varsity? Yes! Is it awesome? Hell yes!!

The “B” squad opened the season yesterday with a 35-15 victory over Essex Middle School.  With the first game out of the way, the jitters are gone and I’ll again use my free time to blog.  And, since I know you’ll be wondering, I’ll be sure to include updates on the squad.  Go Wolves!  #hearthehowl

Ok.  A housekeeping item.  I made a few Netflix recommendations last week.  I’d like to amend one:  Harley Coben’s The Five didn’t turn out as strong as the first few episodes suggested it might.  And, now, I’d like to add one.

As I tried to think of a way to tie 97 to the quiz, I looked at the results from the 1997 Academy Awards.  Fargo received a ton of nominations.   A few years ago, the Coen brothers produced a tv version.  3 seasons have aired.  Out of 5 stars, I give it 8.

The cast changes each season.  My favorite – Season 1, which won the 2014 Emmy and Golden Globe for Outstanding Mini Series.  Billy Bob Thornton starred, with fantastic support from many others, including Martin Freeman.  Freeman has rocked many different roles, but if you try to tell me that his best is anything other than as Tim in the UK version of The Office, well, we can’t be friends anymore.

Tim British Office

Onto the quiz!


  • None.  Open book, open search engine, text-a-friend.
  • Exception:  Question 5.  We try to play that one honest.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the Vermont Rules of Professional Conduct apply
  • Team entries welcome, creative team names even more welcome.
  • E-mail answers to
  • I’ll post the answers & Honor Roll on Monday
  • Please don’t use the “comment” feature to post your answers
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Question 1

The trust account rules require lawyers to reconcile trust accounts:

  • A.   Timely, with “timely” being no less than monthly
  • B.   Every other month
  • C.   Quarterly
  • D.   The rules are silent as to how often trust accounts must be reconciled

Question 2

Soon, the Professional Responsibility Board will formally recommend that the Court review several proposed changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct.  One recommendation will be to amend the rule that applies to “lateral transfers.”

Generally, a “lateral transfer” raises issues related to:

  • A.  Trust accounting
  • B.  Conflicts that arise when a lawyer changes firms
  • C.  The papers & information that must be in the file when it’s delivered to the client
  • D.  A terminated lawyer’s duty of confidentiality when updating a former client’s new lawyer on the status of the matter

Question 3

Attorney called with an inquiry. I listened, then replied “the rule applies to statements of fact.  The Comment suggests it doesn’t apply in negotiations or to mere ‘puffery’ to opposing counsel.”

What rule?

  • A.    Trial Publicity
  • B.    Client Confidences
  • C.    Advertising
  • D.   Truthfulness in Statements to Others

Question 4

Lawyer called me with an inquiry. I listened, then replied by reading the rule aloud.   Then, I said “here are the exceptions. Among other things, you can state information that’s in the public record, including the claims, defenses, and names of people involved.  You could also request assistance obtaining information or evidence.  Just don’t do anything that will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing the outcome.”

What rule?

  • A.    Trial Publicity
  • B.    Client Confidences
  • C.    Advertising
  • D.   Truthfulness in Statements to Others

Question 5

Speaking of the 1997 Academy Awards, Fargo won two of the major awards:  Frances McDormand won Best Actress and Joel Coen won Best Screenplay.

The same year, another movie received nominations for several of the major awards.  It’s a movie that was based on Leigh Steinberg.  In real life, Steinberg is a lawyer and agent who has represented many top athletes.  In ’97, the actor who played Steinberg was nominated for Best Actor, but didn’t win.  However, Cuba Gooding Jr. won for Best Supporting Actor for his role as one of the clients.

Name the movie.





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