Five for Friday #95

Welcome to #95!

95 doesn’t remind me of the year.  Nor does it remind me of a movie, a band, a singer, or an athlete who wore the number.

For whatever reason, the first thing that jumps to mind when I think of 95 is how miserable I am whenever I’m driving down Interstate 95.  Whether driving to and from law school when I was at GW, or driving from D.C. to my dad’s & other points south, I’ve never liked it.  And one of my least favorite sections of I-95 is the part around Philly.  So,  naturally, as I contemplated the number 95 for this column, my thoughts soured.

But they picked up yesterday when I heard from a fellow lawyer — more on him later – who is heading to Philadelphia this weekend to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon. Folks, in my opinion, besides the Vermont City Marathon, which will always remain #1 in my heart, there’s no better marathon or half marathon than Philly.

For one, it’s usually perfect running weather – not too hot, not too cold.  For another, there’s an 8K on Saturday, with the half & full on Sunday. Most marathoners go for a short run the day before a race – might as well get a medal for doing so!  Also, besides being nice & flat, the course is a virtual run through history.  Check out some of the sites that runners pass along the way.  Finally, the marathon starts & finishes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

What’s this? Mike is writing about art museums?

Come on people, of course I am! I’m way more than pop culture & sports.

Ok, maybe I”m not.

Check out the picture on the marathon’s home page.  Recognize the museum now?

The Rocky Steps!

Rocky Steps

Anyhow, I’ve run Philly twice: the full in 2011, the half last year.  Here’s a close-up of my medal from 2011.  Check out the race motto:


Best:Time Of Your Life.

Very clever Philly! Even the italics & colon to make it look like a race result. For example, 3:28.25.  I remember chuckling at the slogan when I picked up my bib & shirt the day before the race. I wasn’t chuckling on race day itself.  T

Things went haywire somewhere around Mile 20.  I was overheated, dehydrated, exhausted and, for a few minutes, so confused that I wondered if I was lost.  That’s correct: surrounded by thousands of other runners all headed in the same direction as me – which entailed shuffling along a street lined by thousands of fans on each side — I momentarily thought I was lost!

When I came to my senses, I said to myself “Best of Time of Your Life my ass!!!”

Still, I continue to love to run.  It’s an important outlet.

Now, back to the lawyer who is running Philly this weekend.

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog in which I encouraged lawyers to take time to do non-lawyerly things.  Here’s what I wrote:

Winter is long.  Darkness can be tough.  And, as the numbers show, we’re a profession that struggles to cope with stress, anxiety, substance abuse and mental health issues.  We must promote wellness and work-life balance, and we must encourage lawyers to make time for what matters.  In other words, let’s focus on ensuring that light shines in our personal & professional lives.

I even asked for pictures of you doing non-lawyerly things, as proof that it’s possible to let the light shine in.

Dave Carpenter is a lawyer at Facey Goss McPhee and a member of the VBA Board of Managers.  He is also a firefighter and the chair of Orwell’s Volunteer Fire Department.  On Sunday, Dave is going to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon . . . in his firefighter gear!

He’s done it before:

Dave Carpenter 1

Dave Carpenter 2

Dave – congrats, good luck, and great example of #lawyerlight!

If any of you find yourself in the Philly area, make sure to check out Lucky’s Last Chance. I’m a fan of the one in Manayunk.  It’s right about mile 20 of the marathon.  Fantastic burgers.

Onto the quiz!


  • None.  Open book, open search engine, text-a-friend.
  • Exception:  Question 5.  We try to play that one honest.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the Vermont Rules of Professional Conduct apply
  • Team entries welcome, creative team names even more welcome.
  • E-mail answers to
  • I’ll post the answers & Honor Roll on Monday
  • Please don’t use the “comment” feature to post your answers
  • Please consider sharing the quiz with friends & colleagues
  • Share on social media.  Hashtag it – #fiveforfriday

Question 1

Attorney called me with an inquiry. I listened, then said “your only duty under the Rules of Professional Conduct is to notify the sender that you received it.”

Most likely, then, Attorney called me to discuss the receipt of:

  • A.   A wire transfer.
  • B.   Information that Attorney knows was inadvertently sent or produced.
  • C.   A subpoena to testify about a former client.
  • D.  A request to deliver a former client’s file to a new attorney.

Question 2

By rule, two words have to be on a certain type of communication from lawyers.  What are the 2 words?

  • A.  “Advertising Material.”
  • B.  “Of Counsel.”
  • C.   “Confidential Information.”
  • D.   “Privileged Information.”

Question 3

True or false: the rules prohibit a lawyer from serving as a director, officer or member of a legal services organization (other than the lawyer’s firm) that serves persons having interests adverse to a client of the lawyer.

Question 4

Lawyer represents Client.  Opposing Party is not represented by counsel.

Lawyer and Opposing Party negotiate a resolution that must be reduced to writing.  Lawyer prepares the document and presents it to Opposing Party for signature.  Opposing Party asks “what do you think it means if I sign this?”

Which is most accurate?

  • A.   Lawyer may not respond other than to say “I can’t give you any advice.”
  • B.   Lawyer must advise Opposing Party to contact an attorney for advice.
  • C.   Lawyer may not go through with the resolution until Opposing Party has been given a reasonable period of time to contact an attorney for advice.
  • D.  Lawyer may explain her own view of the meaning of the document, as well as her view of its underlying legal obligations.

Question 5

Who am I?

In 2011 and 2014, I won the Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama.  I won for a role in which I played a lawyer who, among other things, graduated at the top of her law school class despite a penchant for falling asleep in class.  In the very first episode, viewers learned the my husband, a state prosecutor, had been jailed for his part in a sex & corruption scandal.

But what would this question be without a connection to 1995?

Back then, I didn’t play a lawyer.  Rather, I played a nurse.  But even back then, I did it well.  In 1995, I won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama.

Interestling, in TV world, I didn’t have to move.  As both a nurse & lawyer, I worked in the same city.

Again, who am I?








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