Constitution Day & Karaoke

I know you’re only reading because you saw the word “karaoke.”  It’s okay, I understand. I’ll get to karaoking in a bit.  For now, Constitution Day.

Sunday was Constitution Day.  To mark the occasion, the Vermont Judiciary and the Vermont Bar Association have teamed to present the 2nd Annual Constitution Day Forum.  This year’s event is scheduled for Wednesday, September 20.  It will begin at 5:00 PM and will take place at the Vermont Supreme Court.

My column on last year’s forum is here.  This year’s forum will focus on the 14th Amendment. (Earlier this year, the ABA made the 14th Amendment the focus of Law Day.)

The Judiciary and the VBA have assembled a fantastic line-up of speakers.  In order of appearance:

  • Judge Robert Mello: Overview of the Constitution & Origins of the 14th Amendment
  • Associate Justice Harold Eaton: Procedural Due Process
  • Associate Justice Karen Carroll: Equal Protection Clause
  • Judge Timothy Tomasi: Substantive Due Process
  • Judge Mary Miles Teachout: The Relevance of the 14th Amendment Today

The event is free and open to the public.  Plus, everyone who attends will receive a free pocket Constitution! Hope to see you there.

Now, karaoke.

As I’ve mentioned at a few seminars, my initial exposure to the U.S. Constitution was during the Saturday morning cartoons I watched as a kid.  Courtesy of the folks at Schoolhouse Rock!, that’s when, where, and how I first learned about the origins of the Constitution and the words to The Preamble.

Of course, if people are not able to access the legal services that they need to protect their rights, the Constitution might mean little to them.  So, in honor of Constitution Day, if an attorney or firm donates $1,000 to the Vermont Bar Foundation’s Access to Justice Campaign by Friday, September 29, I’ll karaoke the Schoolhouse Rock! version of The Preamble at the VBA’s upcoming annual meeting.

Last year’s Five for Friday quiz on the Constitution is here.  The answers are here.

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