Harvey & Irma: Pro Bono Opportunties

Last year, Vermont joined 40 other states in the ABA’s “Free Legal Answers” program.   Vermont’s program allows low-income Vermonters to login to vtfreelegalanswers, post a question, and wait for an answer from a volunteer attorney admitted to practice in Vermont.

Like Vermont, Texas and Florida are among the states that have joined the ABA’s Free Legal Answers program.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Texas Supreme Court issued an order allowing non-Texas attorneys to provide limited legal services to victims of the storm.  As a result, the ABA modified ABA/Texas Free Legal Answers so that out-of-state lawyers could enroll and answer Harvey-related questions.  Anticipating that Irma might lead to the need for pro bono disaster legal services in Florida, the ABA is looking into doing the same with ABA/Florida Free Legal Answers.

For more information on how to volunteer to answer (civil) legal questions from Texans impacted by Hurricane Harvey, please review this flyer from the ABA.

To learn more about Vermont Free Legal Answers, click HERE.  To register, click HERE.

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