The Trade

It’s funny.  I don’t get a lot of responses to my posts on legal ethics.

But, since most readers know I’m an unabashed Celtics fan, and because there are Cavs fans who loyally follow this blog, I’ve received a bunch of requests to comment on the trade.  I aim to please, so here goes nothing….

. . . . my initial reaction is that I’m good with it.  Here’s why:

  • Kyrie is the best player in the trade.

Case closed.

I love IT. I really do.  And I love the energy he’s infected into the TD Garden the past few seasons.

But he turns 29 next season and will want a max deal.  Guys his size rarely perform to max deals at that age.

Then there’s his hip. It wouldn’t shock me if the trade is voided because he doesn’t pass the physical.

And let’s be honest – as good as he was for Boston, he was subbed out on defense in close games late.  He cannot guard and has already proven that he can’t guard Kyrie in the Eastern Conference finals.  Next year, they’ll just be wearing different jerseys.

Oh, and Kryie won the 2016 finals for Cleveland.  Sorry LeBron apologists fans.  He did.

Then there’s the fact that the trade opens playing time for Jaylen and Tatum. With Hayward on board, and those two in the (literal) wings, Jae Crowder wasn’t going to be happy.

And I LOVE Jae Crowder. A true Celtic who battled every night.  He treated Wednesday road games in January the same way that he treated prime-time playoff home games. He’ll give Cleveland the grit they never had and sorely could’ve used against GSW.

In the end, we could’ve had 1 year of IT, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Markelle Fultz, and next year’s Brooklyn pick.

Brooklyn is going to be a lot better than you think.

Instead, we have Gordon Heyward, 2 years of Kyrie, Jayson Tatum, playing time for Jaylen Brown, and a roster spot to sign, hopefully, Nerlens Noel. And the Lakers’ pick in 2018 or the Kings pick in 2019.  The future isn’t exactly dim.

So, that’s my quick take.

Relating it back to professional responsibility, I’m confident that Danny Ainge provided the Celtics with competent and diligence service in making this trade.

Or maybe I’m wrong.  If I am, I’ll you what I’m right about – the Celts host the Cavs on February 11.  They’re retiring The Truth’s jersey that day.   Ticket prices were already absurd.  Now they’re a whole lot more.







6 thoughts on “The Trade

  1. You didn’t mention Ante Zizic. He was a first round pick who spent the year in Croatia/Turkey. Seven foot, can drive to the basket and shoot mid range. Lots of stamina and game intelligence.

    Cleveland got two first round picks.


    • True. But, I seriously doubt that Cleveland would’ve walked away if Zizic wasn’t included. Zizic was drafted when Boston had 0 roster spots. So, although a first rounder, he was a pick that they made knowing that they had to stash. He was also the Celts’ 3rd pick in that first round, after Brown and Yabusele. He stunk in this year’s summer league. I’d guess Boston included him because it had to to make the salary numbers work. He might be something down the road, but with Morris and Yabusele, he is exactly what the Celtics needed when they drafted him: something that they were able to use as part of a package to flip for a better asset.


  2. I’m still learning the game, and normally, the person who gets the best player in a trade wins, BUT, what about this…

    The Question: How do you make a lineup to match five man small ball game of GS? This trade addresses that for Cleveland in the present and gives them assets to maintain and improve for the future. It also helps with a softer landing if LeBron leaves.

    1. IT is not as good as Kyrie, but he’s still really good.
    2. Crowder gives CLE significant depth. VERY important. Can guard real talent and can spell LeBron better than anyone the Cavs have. Crowder can guard Durant. He’ surprisingly versatile.
    3. Crowder allows CLE to use Derrick Rose properly. Crowder allows Rose to play his proper position off the bench when he plays with Crowder.
    4. The draft choice has value beyond where Brooklyn finishes. It’s also an element in a trade for a big name.
    5. The coming draft is supposed to be as good as any in the last 10 years.
    6. The Cavs have improved for the present (a little) and maintained themselves for the future with the draft pick.

    I think Crowder and the draft pick can’t be under-estimated.


  3. The key, I think, is the depth it provides the Cavs. The trade helps Cleveland right now, whereas I think it sets up Boston for years to come. So if Kyrie re-signs with Boston, I think Boston wins the trade. Two thoughts: 1. the Cavs have significantly lengthened their bench. They’ve added D-Rose, IT4, Crowder, and don’t forget about Jeff Green. Only significant loss is Irving. So, that’s a net gain of 3 players who can play, and more importantly, who can score. I’m not sure stopping GSW is possible. Being able to score with them, then, helps. In the finals, the Cavs couldn’t score unless LBJ and Kyrie played 48 minutes. Oh, and something that’s flown under the radar is that IT4 and Love were AAU teammates. They’re both PNW guys. If he makes Love at least look less miserable, then it can’t hurt. 2. you’re right, next year’s draft is loaded. But, potential doesn’t always turn into production. Also, no matter what, the pick isn’t going to make any difference for years if LBJ leaves after next year. So, you might be right, the pick’s best value might that it lets them include their own as a sweetener if/when they trade Love.


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