Anxiety, Stress, and Work-Life Balance for Lawyers

Last month, and in response to the New York Times piece The Lawyer, The AddictI posted Lawyers Helping Lawyers – Keep it on the front burner.

Earlier this week, the ABA Journal posted Jeena Cho’sthoughts in response to The Lawyer, The Addict: Talking about the elephant in the room – social anxiety.  It’s an interesting post on the critical importance of work-life balance, in particular for lawyers who cope with stress-induced issues.   I love Jeena’s closing analogy:

  • “Finally, remember: ‘Secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.'”

I’ll have more on this topic soon.   Later today, the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being is scheduled to release its report on The Path to Lawyer Well-Being.  In the meantime, give Jeena’s blog a read.  Or, for a fun-filled stress-reliver, give this week’s #fiveforfriday legal ethics quiz a try!

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