Data Shows Significant Drop in Top LSAT Takers Applying to Law School

Paul Caron is the Dean of Pepperdine University’s School of Law.  He’s the editor of the popular TaxProf Blog.

Last week, Dean Caron blogged on new data that shows a significant decrease in the proportion of law school applications filed by those who score the highest on the LSAT.  Both the ABA Journal and Above The Law have more on Dean Caron’s post.

The key takeaway from the blog:

                                                              Percentage of Applications to Law School

LSAT Score                                          2010                                       2017

160 or >                                               40.8%                                    26.4%

150-159                                                45%                                        38.7%

< 150                                                     14.2%                                    34.9%     


These stories come on the heels of the ABA Journal’s post on a study in which two Pepperdine law professors linked low scores on the bar exam with disciplinary action.   The study is here.

I’ve been with the Professional Responsibility Program since 1998, and was the chief disciplinary prosecutor from 2000-2012.  We never once asked for an attorney’s bar exam score while investigating or prosecuting the attorney.  I wonder if the PRP and BBE will soon be asked to release the bar exam scores of attorneys who are (or have been) disciplined.