PRP Looks at Nonlawyer Ownership

The Professional Responsibility Program (PRP) held its Annual Meeting on May 31, 2017.  The meeting took place at Burlington’s Hotel Vermont.  Chief Justice Paul Reiber joined the Board, members of the PRP’s hearing & assistance panels, PRP staff, and several invited guests for a day of seminars and discussion.

The morning’s second seminar focused on whether to amend Rule 5.4 to allow lawyers   to practice in firms in which nonlawyers hold ownership interests or managerial roles.

Vermont Law School’s Oliver Goodenough provided a fascinating talk on law & technology.  Among other things, Professor Goodenough expanded on ideas he originally shared in blogs he authored for the Huffington Post: Innovation in Legal Practice: Beyond the Current Model of Professionalism, and, Legal Technology 3.0.

Changing Rule 5.4 to allow Alternative Business Structures has long intrigued me. My first post on the topic is here: Is it Time for Nonlawyer Ownership? An Introduction to ABS.

Professor Goodenough’s engaging & instructive talk opened many more eyes to the potential benefits of ABS.  I anticipate that the Board will study nonlawyer ownership.  I will continue to raise the issue, as well as the idea of entity regulation.

Professor Goodenough – thank you so much for sharing your time, thoughts, and expertise with the members of the PRP!