Langrock up for ABA seat

I don’t often post about individual Vermont lawyers – especially Vermont lawyers who are Canadiens fans. But, I think this is worth mentioning.

Vermont’s own Fritz Langrock is a candidate for a seat on the ABA Board of Governors.  Fritz is running unopposed to represent District 1.  Because who would challenge a Vermonter!?!?!

The ABA Journal has this piece on the upcoming ABA elections. Scroll down a tad and you’ll see Fritz.

In an interesting (to me) sidenote, if you scroll down a bit further, you’ll see that Professor Myles Lynk is running unopposed for the seat as the Board’s Minority Member-at-Large.  Many years ago, Professor Lynk spent a semester as a visiting professor at George Washington Law School. Among other courses, Professor Lynk taught Civ Pro 2 to a class that included Mike Kennedy.

Congrats to both Fritz & Professor Lynk!

Fritz, in your honor, and for the first & last time on this blog, I’ll post this image:



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