Throwback Thursday: Referral Fees

Every now & then, I run a column where I link to a post from the past.

“Every now & then” is defined as “whenever it’s Thursday, I am lazy have writer’s block, but need to post something.”

Not sure what your calendar says, but on mine, it’s every now & then.

Really, this isn’t a “throwback.” It’s a reminder.

I continue to run across lawyers who don’t realize that the Vermont Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit straight referral fees. So, I’m re-posting Referral Fee? Think Twice.  It links to, and expands upon, my primer on Referral Fees.

Please feel free to share this post.  I don’t want lawyers to stumble into a violation.

Plus, it makes me laugh to think about the days when mix tapes were my most valuable possessions.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the #fiveforfriday trivia quiz!

Throwback Thursday