February Bar Exam Results

The Board of Bar Examiners administered the Uniform Bar Exam (“UBE”) on February 21 & 22. It was Vermont’s 2nd administration of the exam since the Supreme Court adopted the UBE in April 2016.  For an explanation of how the UBE works, please see my post on The Vermont Bar Exam.

Forty (40) applicants sat for the February exam.  I am pleased to announce the names of the 21 applicants who passed the February administration of the exam.

I am also pleased to announce that Vermont’s scores on the Multistate Bar Examination (“MBE”) exceeded the national average.  The MBE is what most of you know as “the multiple choice.” Nationally, the average MBE score for the February 2017 bar exam was 134.  As Above The Law reports, it was the lowest average score on the MBE since aggregate results were first collected in 1976.  In Vermont, the average MBE score on the February exam was 139.1.

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3 thoughts on “February Bar Exam Results

    • Pam – this was only the 2nd administration of the UBE in VT. Last July, the pass rate was 67%. I think we’ll need a few administrations of the exam to have meaningful data. I don’t know the historic pass rate. It was before my time covering the BBE.


  1. I have not paid close attention to the pass rates since I left the BBE some years ago, but the overall pass rate for July always hovered around 71-72% and February was always lower. Historically, many of the February candidates were taking the exam for the 2nd or 3rd time.


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