That Time Your Pants Caught On Fire During Closing Argument….In An Arson Case

Imagine: Client is charged with Arson, alleged to have intentionally set his car on fire. At closing argument,  Defense Attorney, perhaps inflamed with passion & burning for a “not guilty” verdict, argues”no, he didn’t! the car spontaneously combusted!”

And then runs from the court room because his pants are on fire.

Crazy?  Yup.

But, as reported by the Miami Herald, it happened yesterday afternoon.

I’m going to keep my eye on this one. Wild coincidence?  Possibly. Staged defense gone awry? Per the Miami Herald, Defense Attorney said “no.”  Regardless, the whole episode reminds me of one of Gob’s ill-fated magic tricks illusions.


When things cooled down, the jury convicted Client of 2nd Degree Arson.