Monday Morning Answers: Week 57

Good morning.  If you haven’t resolved to do so already, today is a perfect day to begin to make it a habit to choose creative altruism over destructive selfishness.

Last week’s quiz is HERE.  The answers follow the Honor Roll.

But first, congratulations to Martin’s Marauders.  The squad held off over 150 challengers to retain the Thaw Bowl title in Montreal on Friday.

Second, I am compelled to recognize Elizabeth Kruska & Wesley Lawrence. Not only did they submit a perfect score to last week’s Five for Friday, they did so under the name “Team Poutine.”  Fantastic reference to the Montreal weekend. Oh, and by the way, Elizabeth was part of Martin’s Marauders in Montreal.

Finally, speaking of Team Poutine, on Saturday, I grabbed a burger at a place on Crescent Street that offered “Vladimir Poutine” as a special.


  • Evan Barquist, Esq.
  • Beth DeBernardi, Esq.
  • Andrew Delaney, Esq.
  • Robert Grundstein, Esq.
  • Anthony Iarrapino, Esq.
  • Keith Kasper, Esq.
  • Patrick Kennedy, First Brother
  • Ray Massucco, Esq.
  • Hal Miller, Esq.
  • Team Poutine (Elizabeth Kruska & Wesley Lawerence)
  • Allison Wannop, Esq.


  • The quiz was a “reverse” quiz. I posted answers to questions. The challenge was to discern the topic from the potential (and correct) answers.

Question 1

What was the topic of this question?  (red is the correct answer)

  • A.  to notify opposing counsel.
  • B.  to notify opposing counsel & return the document upon request.
  • C.  to use the document if it helps your client.
  • D.  to take steps necessary to determine whether the production waived the privilege.

The topic was a lawyer’s duties upon the receipt of inadvertently produced material.  See, Rule 4.4.

Question 2

What was the topic of this question?  (red is the correct answer)

  • A.   Attorney may represent Person.
  • B.   Attorney shall not represent Person.
  • C.   Attorney shall not represent Person if Attorney received information that could be significantly harmful during the consultation.
  • D.  None of the above.

The topic was duties surrounding the “prospective client;” a client who meets with, but does not retain, a lawyer.  See, Rule 1.18.

Question 3

What was the topic of this question? (red is the correct answer)

  • A.   The rules prohibit you from replying or commenting
  • B.  You may reply or comment, but you may not do so in way that violates the rules.
  • C. The prohibition on the disclosure of information relating to  the representation no longer applies.  The client waived it.

The topic was “replying to a negative online review.”  You can find several links to the topic in this post.

Question 4

What was the topic of this question? (red was the correct answer)

  • A.  Copies of advertisements
  • B.  financial & trust account records
  • C.  Copies of contingent fee agreements
  • D. closed files

The question asked for the only thing that the rule require lawyers to keep for a fixed period of time.  See, Rule 1.15(a).

Question 5

This actress holds the record for most Emmy’s for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series.

She did not win for her brief stint in Arrested Development, when she played a prosecutor who, among other things:

  • Spent most of her career pretending to be blind to draw sympathy from jurors & judges;
  • Slept with a defendant’s son mid-trial to try to gain access to incriminating evidence.
  • During one trial, pretended to be pregnant to draw sympathy from jurors

Name the actress.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  Note – many folks in Montreal thought she won most of her Emmys on Seinfeld.  She did not.   She’s won the last 5 playing Selina Meyer in Veep.