Tech Comptence: A Keyboard for Lawyers

Regular readers recognize my refrain: the duty of competence includes tech competence.  Robert Ambrogi’s lawsites blog is one my favorite sources for information on the intersection between legal ethics & tech competence.

Earlier this week, Ambrogi blogged on a new keyboard designed specifically for lawyers. The anecdote on the frustration of breaking a rhythm to find the “section” symbol put a wry smile on my face.

Anyhow, I pass this on for what it might be worth.  At a minium, if it makes you more efficient, it makes you more competent.

Or, some of you might be “gadget getters,” always interested in the next new thing.  (I’m not – not since I bought a Betamax after a girlfriend’s father convinced me the format would long outlive VHS.)

Finally, 0thers of you might appreciate the relatively low-level tech associated with a keyboard designed for lawyers to some of the other tech issues I’ve raised at CLEs – issues that, at times, you’ve reported have put fear in your hearts & minds.  Don’t worry – I’ll get back to those issues.  For today, if you’re interested, check out the new keyboard.  I’ll save the “does your failure to understand the technology behind Amazon’s Echo violate the duty of competence” for another day.




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