2017 Relicensing & CLE Reporting

The position that staffs the office responsible for attorney licensing and CLE reporting has been vacant since May 2014.  Since then, a series of temporary employees have done the work under the general supervision of bar counsel.

The Judiciary recently hired an attorney to staff the position full-time.  The attorney, however, will not start working until May 15.  When the attorney begins, I expect his focus will be on getting up to speed to administer the July bar exam.

The temporary employees who have helped over the past 3 years are gone.  So, this year, bar counsel will be responsible for the attorney relicensing and CLE reporting process.  That means me and my assistant, Brandy Sickles.   A few thoughts:

  • Stay patient.  We will get you relicensed.  There might be a few minor hiccups along the way.  We’re shifting operations from Montpelier to Burlington because that’s where I’m located and it’s where the new attorney will work.  In addition, the Judiciary recently switched to a new website and we’re working to ensure that information & forms are available on the site.  Finally, our regular work in the Professional Responsibility Program will not be put on hold during the two-month relicensing window.  If you have any questions, we will respond to emails and phone calls – jud.attylicensing@vermont.gov  and (802) 859-3000.   There will be no need to yell.
  • Notification That It’s Time to Renew.  On May 1, an e-mail will go to every attorney who is due to renew this year.  The e-mail will include instructions on how to renew.  The deadline to renew is June 30.  You will receive multiple reminders, even after you relicense.  If you receive the e-mail but do not believe that you are due to renew, stay patient and contact this office.  If you do not receive the e-mail, it is most likely that you did not update your email address with Attorney Licensing (even though you have updated it with e-Cabinet).  To update with Attorney Licensing, please contact jud.attylicensing@vermont.gov
  • NEW Categories of License.  Earlier this year, the Supreme Court adopted several changes to Administrative Order 41, the order that covers attorney licensing.  The new order is HERE.   An attorney MUST choose one of the four categories listed in Section 8 -11:
    • Active
    • Inactive
    • Judicial
    • Pro Bono Emeritus
  • Relinquishing a License.  Administrative Order 41 does not allow an attorney to “retire” a license.  To keep a license, an attorney must choose one of the four categories listed above.  If you would like to relinquish your license, please review Section 12 of Administrative Order 41 and contact this office for the required form.
  • CLE Reporting.  Attorneys DO NOT have to report or list each and every CLE attended.  Rather, attorneys must certify compliance with the CLE obligation.  The certfication is in Section VIII of the new attorney licensing statement.  Please do not complete or send one of the old CLE compliance forms that lists every course attended.
  • Old CLE Tracking Form.  If you have been recording & tracking your CLEs online, the link to access your record is HERE.
  • JUDGES.  Judges have law licenses.  Please complete the new attorney licensing statement, choose “judicial” as your status, and return the form.  The fee is $0.
  • Renewing Online:  The relicensing period opens on May 1.  You will be able to renew online HERE.
  • Renewing by Mail.   The relicensing period opens May.  To renew by U.S. Mail, complete the new attorney licensing statement and mail it, along with payment, to Office of Bar Admissions, 32 Cherry Street, Suite 213, Burlington, VT 05401.
  • NEW Fee Schedule.  The State Court Administrator adopted a new fee schedule.  It is HERE.
  • Donate to the Vermont Bar Foundation.  The new attorney licensing statement includes an opportunity to opt-in to make a donation to the Vermont Bar Foundation.  Currently, the Judiciary is not able to accept VBF donations through the attorney licensing online renewal portal.  Attorneys who opt-in to donate to the VBF will be redirected to THIS PAGE to make the donation.

Since it bears repeating:

  • Stay patient.  We will get you relicensed.  We will get through this together.

The Judiciary’s attorney licensing page is HERE.  The approved fee schedule is HERE.

Thank you.