Five for Friday: Holiday Version

Happy holidays to all!

  • These questions are fictional.  The cases depicted do not exist and are merely prop devices to set up the questions in a law-related format.
  • No rules.
  • Team entries welcome
  • Email answers to
  • I’ll post the answers in a new blog on Monday

Question 1

Attorney is a public defender.  She’s been assigned to represent Willie T. Stokes.  Willie is a con man. He and a co-defendant, Marcus Skidmore, have been charged with staging elaborate robberies of department stores the past several Christmas Eves.

Wait! Attorney just woke up. It was all a dream!  She doesn’t really represent Willie T. Stokes, he’s a fictional character!

What movie must Attorney have watched before she fell asleep?

Question 2

Lawyer focues on trusts & estates.  Yesterday, Client met with Lawyer.  Client reported having had a series of dreams, including one in which Client foresaw his own death. As a result of the dreams, Client informs Lawyer that he wants to change his estate plan.  Specifically, he asks Lawyer to create an estate plan that will benefit:

  • Fred, Client’s nephew;
  • Bob, Client’s employee; and
  • Tim, Bob’s son.

What is  Client’s name?

Question 3

Attorney represents Carol.  Carol wants Attorney to file a motion to modify a Parent Child Contact order.  Her reason?  Carol’s son, Ben, spent the holidays with his father, who is also Carol’s ex.  Specifically, Carol contends that father traumatized Ben by dressing as a Holiday Armadillo as part of a plan to teach Ben about father’s Jewish heritage.

What is father’s name?

Question 4

Lawyer focuses on labor & employment law.  Client works at a bagel shop.  For the past several weeks, Lawyer has worked feverishly  to convince the bagel shop to allow Client to take today (December 23) off from work to celebrate a holiday. Negotiations failed and, as we speak, Client is on strike, picketing the bagel shop.

Part 1:   What is Client’s name?

Part 2:  What holiday did Client want off from work?

Question 5

Michael consults Attorney for advice. Michael wants to know whether he has any recourse against employees who, in Michael’s opinion, did not buy sufficiently nice gifts for the office’s “Secret Santa” party, a party that Michael turned into a “Yankee Swap” after receiving an oven mitt from his secret santa.

Attorney candidly advises Michael that the rules were clear: $20 max spending limit.  Michael had spent $400 on a gift intended for Ryan.

Part 1:  What did Michael buy?

Part 2:  Who ended up with the $400 item that Michael intended for Ryan?


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