Negative Online Review? More of What NOT to do.

Many of you have heard at least one of the four versions of Adam Sandler’s The Chanukah SongIn a way, the ethics issues associated with negative online reviews remind me of some of the lyrics in versions 2, 3, and 4.

I first blogged on the topic here: Negative Online Review? What NOT to do.  I followed it up with Negative Online Review? Update!

Well, there’s more to pass on.  So, channeling my inner Sandler, here’s how I’ll start:

“When you feel like the only kid in town, with a bad online review,  here’s a NEW thing, that . . . you . . . should . . . .not doooooo……… ”

The story comes courtesy of the ABA Journal and is here.

In short, a law firm’s former client posted negative online reviews to Yelp and Facebook.  The firm sued the client for libel. A judge dismissed the suit and ordered the firm to pay $27,000 in legal fees to the former client.

By the way, my favorite is the live version of Part 2.



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