Scam Alert: Fake Complaint

Over the past few days, several Vermont lawyers have been targeted by the latest scam. The scam involves an email with the following header:

  • From: The Office of The State Attorney
    Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 10:38 AM
    To: Bar Member
    Subject: The Office of The State Attorney Complaint

Then, the body of the email reads as follows:


Dear Bar Member:

A complaint has been filed against your Business.

Enclosed is a copy of the complaint which requires your response. You have 10 days to file a rebuttal if you so desire.

You may view the complaint at the link below.  (Note: I have not included the link in this blog post. If you receive the email, DO NOT click on the link.)

Rebuttals should not exceed 15 pages and may refer to any additional documents or exhibits that are available on request.

The Office of The State Attorney cannot render legal advice nor can The Office of The State Attorney represent individuals or intervene on their behalf in any civil or criminal matter.

Please review the enclosed complaint. If filing a rebuttal please do so during the specified time frame.


The Office of The State Attorney


Clicking on the link will likely download a file that injects ransomware or adware, or otherwise compromises client data.    Be careful.

You might also consider passing this on to clients who might find themselves the target of a similar scam.



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