Five for Friday: Week 48

There’s no question who this week’s quiz honors. Take a moment to remember our veterans.  If you’d like information on how to get involved with helping Vermont’s veterans who need legal services – and more than you imagine do – get in touch with Katelyn Atwood.  Katelyn’s at Facey Goss McPhee now, but from 2014-2016 she did fantastic work coordinating the Vermont Veterans Legal Assistance Project while serving as Vermont’s Poverty Law Fellow.

So, Five for Friday has its genesis in the fact that my brother, my friends, and I used to frequent a lot of pub quizzes. The stories I could tell.

But I like having my job.

Anyhow, we don’t make it to pub quiz nearly as much as we used to.  Like Dickey Betts wrote, there’s nobody left to run with anymore.

Still, we manage to run every blue moon or so. Last night, my brother, a friend, and I stopped into Nectar’s for trivia.*

I’ll leave it at this: if you had to bet whether we beat a team that included a young associate at a firm whose name partners are regular readers of this blog, you’d be better off betting on us than you would be on betting that Steph Curry could hit snow from a ski lift.

For you non-betting, non-basketball, non-skiing, non-gravity people, it’s virtually impossible for anyone, not to mention the best shooter in the history of the world, not to hit snow when shooting a basketball out of a ski lift.

But I digress.  And thankfully so. Things have been too serious this week. Let’s have harmless fun when we can.  Including now, with another version of Five for Friday!


  • none.  You may ask friends, look at the rules, or use the search function on this blog.   Exception: question 5.
  • Team entries encouraged & welcome
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  • please forward this quiz to anyone who might be interested
  • answers will be posted on Monday morning

Question 1

It’s most likely that Web Bugs pose ethical dilemmas for attorneys who:

  • A.  Send emails to opposing counsel
  • B.  Review an adverse party’s social media presence
  • C.  Review a juror’s social media presence
  • D.  Use cloud vendors that do not encrypt data at rest

Question 2

Hans called with an inquiry.  I listened, then replied: “one of the first things you need to decide & make clear is whether Luke will be representing you, or, stepping in to represent your clients.  I recommend the former.”

It’s most likely that Hans called while drafting a:

  • A.  Motion to Withdraw
  • B.   Succession Plan
  • C.  Motion to Disqualify
  • D.  Advance Conflict Waiver

Question 3

Attorney called to ask which ethics issues should be on her radar as she transitions to a new job. In particular, issues that are likely to arise more often in the new gig than they arose at her firm. I responded: “first, ask yourself ‘who is the client?.’  That’s often the #1 challenge for lawyers in your position. Be especially aware that the people you work with & for may not always understand that you don’t necessarily represent them.”

Given my response, it’s most likely that Attorney is taking a job as a[n]:

  • A.  judge
  • B.  lobbyist
  • C.  government attorney
  • D.  law professor

Question 4

Attorney called me with an inquiry.  I listed, then said “a comment to the rule makes it clear that the rule doesn’t apply to an organization’s former constituents.”

Given my statement, it is most likely that Attorney called me to discuss the rule that deals with what topic.

Question 5

I guess this is fitting on Veterans Day. Your job is to fill in the blank.

In a movie’s famous courtroom scene, Lawyer objected to testimony and asked that it be stricken from the record.  The following exchange ensued:

  • Judge:  “The objection’s overruled counsel.”
  • Lawyer:  “Sir, the defense ________ objects and requests a meeting in chambers so that his honor might have an opportunity to hear discussion before ruling on the objection.
  • Judge:  “The objection’s overruled counsel.”

A few moments later, the court went into recess.  Annoyed with Lawyer, Co-counsel said:

  • “I ______ object? Is that how it works.  Objection. Overruled. No, no, no, no I _______ object. Oh, well if you ______ object, let me take a moment to reconsider.”

What’s the missing word?

*Permanent “Honor Roll” status for anyone who correctly names the restaurant that Nectar owned before he opened Nectar’s.





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