Five for Friday: #47

47.  And right about now, I’m feeling every single one of them.

In our 47th week, I honor Steeler great and NFL Hall of Famer, Mel Blount.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he could start for the Steelers this weekend.  And he’s 68 years old.

To the business of the day…..

  • No rules.  It’s open book, open search engine. You may call friends, e-mail/text friends who talk too much to call, or even huddle at a bench conference with the judge and opposing counsel.
  • Except for #5.  Try to play that one honest.
  • Team entries welcome.
  • Please forward the quiz to anyone who might be interested.
  • E-mail answers to
  • I’ll post the answers on Monday morning.

Question 1

Several commentators and experts, including the ABA’s Standing Committee on Ethics & Professional Responsibility, have opined that a prosecutor’s ethical duty to disclose information that tends to negate the guilt of the accused:

  • A.  is not as broad as a prosecutor’s duties under Brady v. Maryland.
  • B.  is more broad than a prosecutor’s duties under Brady v. Maryland.
  • C.  does not apply until a “critical stage” of the prosecution
  • D.  does not apply in cases where there is little or no possibility of incarceration

Question 2

Which of the following is most often cited as a concern with authorizing payments to be credited to a trust account via ACH transfer?

  • A.  The potential for the originator to reverse the transfer.
  • B.   Scams designed to take advantage of the prevalence of ACH transfers.
  • C.   Lawyers using ACH transfers as “floats” in the trust account
  • D.  ACH transfers can facilitate the unauthorized practice of law

Question 3

With respect to the rules & fees, which is different than the others and, arguably, does not belong:

  • A.  The amount of the fee and the results obtained.
  • B.  Whether the fee is fixed or contingent.
  • C.  The reputation & ability of the lawyer(s) performing the services
  • D.  The fact that the client paid the fee.

Question 4


Lawyer called me with an inquiry. It related to a matter involving Sansa & Baelish.  I listened and replied:

  • “I didn’t know you represented Sansa. That’s wild.”

Then, I said:

  • “Ok, I’ll be quick.  The rule says 3 things:  First,don’t state or imply to Baelish that you’re disinterested.  Second, correct any misunderstanding Baelish has as to your role. And, third . . .”

What’s the third thing I told Lawyer?

Question 5

In honor of Associate Justice Harold “Duke” Eaton, chief Cubs fan in the Vermont legal community .  . .

. . . name the former United States Supreme Court Justice who made the news last weekend by attending Game 4 of the World Series.


Name the TV show referenced in this week’s quiz. (Not knowing it will not prevent you from achieving a perfect score.)