License Renewal

Many of you probably remember Martha Hicks-Robinson.  She left the State’s employ in May 2014. No  full-time replacement has been hired.  So, I’ve been assigned to cover. Not exactly the best use of bar counsel resources, but what do I know.

Anyhow, the relicensing deadline is upon us.  So far, the process has gone well.  Of approximately 1500 attorneys due to relicense this year, over 1300 already have.  By comparison, last year at this time fewer than 1200 had. We’ve made a concerted effort to get notice out and you’ve responded.  So, thank you!

But a few of you remain!  If you relicense this year, you will have received at least 7 reminders so far.  If you’ve yet to follow the instructions in those reminders, I’m pasting them in below.  Attorneys who fail to file a licensing statement and pay the licensing fee by tomorrow night will be administratively suspended on Tuesday.

Thank you.



Per Sections 1 and 5 of Supreme Court Administrative Order 41, on or before July 1, you must:


        •  File a licensing statement; and
        • Choose either “active” or “inactive” status for the period that runs thru July 1, 2018; and
        • Complete the CLE Compliance Form if you choose “active” status; and,
        • Pay the appropriate licensing fee.


If you intend to retire or resign your license, please email mailto:  before stating the renewal process.


You will need your attorney license number in order to renew your license.  For security reasons, it is not in this email. Your attorney license number is printed on the card you received in the mail the last time you renewed your license. If you do not know your attorney license number, please email


  1.  Renew & Pay Online


        •   The online process has been approved by the State Court Administrator for online renewal.


        •   Note: Make sure to choose the option that allows you to complete the CLE Compliance Form.


  1.  Renew by Email or U.S. Mail




Print and mail the completed forms and check to:

Office of the State Court Administrator

111 State Street, Suite 9B

Montpelier, VT 05609-0701


III.  Vermont Bar Foundation Opt-In

The Vermont Supreme Court has authorized an ‘opt-in’ for attorneys to donate to the Vermont Bar Foundation (‘VBF’) to support legal services for the disadvantaged.  By opting in, an attorney commits to making a donation, to the VBF.  Section IX of the Attorney Licensing Statement includes specific instruction for the opt-in.


If you do not file a licensing statement and the fee on or before July 1, 2016, you license will be administratively suspended.  Administrative Order 41, Section 6.


Please note:  renewing your membership with the Vermont Bar Association IS NOT THE SAME as renewing your law license that is issued by the Vermont Supreme Court.