Monday Morning Answers

The questions are HERE.

HONOR ROLL (* = Perfect Score)


Special Pop Culture Honors:  Emily Tredeau, Office of the Defender General

Question 1

Per one commentator, one of “[t]he most vexing problems in contemporary legal ethics” is how to treat the government lawyer.The commentator notes that the problem arises because for the government lawyer “there is no easily discernible client..”

Question 2

A Comment to the rules states that “[p]erhaps no professional shortcoming is more widely resented than ____________.”

  • A.    Procrastination, See, Rule 1.3, Comment [3] (Perhaps an unfair question. Friday, I was one of several presenters at a day-long CLE sponsored by the VBA and named “Procrastinators’ Day.”
  • B.    Lack of Communication
  • C.    Rudeness
  • D.    Inaccurate Billing

Question 3

Attorney called me with an inquiry. I listened.  Then, Attorney and I discussed the concept of “reasonable remedial measures.”

Attorney learned her client had lied or offered false evidence.  See, Rule 3.3.

Question 4

Most states, bar associations, and courts agree that, for the purposes of the rules of professional conduct, a government attorney’s role is most similar to the role of what type of private attorney?

Corporate/In-House, See Rule 1.13

Question 5

Imagine you’re arguing an appeal in a case in which the state attorney general was involved in a scheme to drive all the Johnsons out of Rock Ridge so that he could buy their land for cheap… that was along the proposed route for a new railroad.

It’s almost like you’re starring in a movie!

What movie?