Five for Friday – Week 28

Rules:  there are none.  Except for question 5, try to play that one honestly.

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Question 1

Last month, a new rule went into effect.  It requires “timely reconciliation” of pooled interest-bearing trust accounts.   Per the rule, what is “timely”?

  • A.   At a minimum, monthly
  • B.   At a minimum, bi-monthly
  • C.   At a minimum, quarterly
  • D.   The rule doesn’t define “timely.”  That’ll be up to the disciplinary prosecutors, hearing panels, and the Supreme Court.

Question 2

Lawyer called me with an inquiry. I listened.  Then, I said “if you talk to her, don’t say or do anything that might imply you’re disinterested.”

What did Lawyer call to discuss?

  • A.   Lawyer’s love life
  • B.   A potential conflict of interest
  • C.   Dealing with an unrepresented person
  • D.  An ex parte conversation with a judge

Question 3

Attorney called with an inquiry. I responded by saying:  “there are ‘end-product’ states, there are ‘work-product’ states, and there’s an ABA Formal Advisory Opinion that leans towards ‘end-product.’  Vermont’s rules don’t resolve the issue.”

What general topic did Attorney call to discuss?

Question 4

This session, the Vermont Legislature passed a bill that, once signed, will make a fact or record verified by a certain type of technology “authentic” and admissible in court.

What type of technology?

Question 5


In April, the  New York Times ran a piece in which it stated that  the law firm Mossack Fonseca “was built on assurances of bulletproof privacy for its clients.”   Of course, the article described a massive data breach that affected many of the firm’s clients.

What’s the phrase that has come to describe the firm’s client’s data that was breach and disclosed?