Five for Friday: Week 26

How fitting!  Week 26 coincides with the Vermont City Marathon.  Many lawyers are in the race, including the chair of the VBA’s Young Lawyers Division, Gavin Boyles. If you’re running, have fun, but be smart! It’s going to be a hot one.

And for those of you wondering why it’s fitting that week 26 falls on marathon weekend, a marathon is 26.2 miles.  In fact, ALL marathons are 26.2 miles.  Why?  The Greeks, the Persians, and Queen Alexandra.  It makes me laugh when someone asks “you’re running another marathon? how far is this one?”


……quick recap of the rules:  there are none.  Open book, open link-to-the-rules, text-a-friend, or walk down to a colleague’s office and have what we used to call “a conversation.”  Also, I introduced a new twist last week: the team entry.  A group from Barr Sternberg was the first to take me up on the offer and made the Honor Roll.

Exception to rule that there are no rules: we try to play it honest on Question 5.

Email answers to me at and please forward this to friends and colleagues and encourage them to enter, perhaps as part of your new team.

Question 1

An advisory ethics opinion issued in New Jersey raised eyebrows this week.  The opinion noted that lawyers may make mention of X only if the basis for X “can be verified” and “adequate inquiry into the fitness of the individual lawyer” was made.

Generally, X falls under which topic in legal ethics?

  • A.   Bar Admissions
  • B.   Referrals/Fee Sharing
  • C.   Advertising
  • D.   Sanctions in a disciplinary case

Question 2

What do the rules require lawyers to keep for 6 years following the termination of a representation?

  • A.  Trust account records
  • B.  A copy of the representation agreement
  • C.  A copy of the representation agreement, but only in contingent fee cases
  • D.  The file

Question 3

What is the phrase used to describe a business organization that offers clients a range of professional services?  For instance a business that offers its clients both accounting services & legal services, or both family counseling services & legal services.

Question 4

Lawyer call me with an inquiry. We talked about an arbitration scheduled to take place in Burlington in early June.  I said “the underlying case…is it reasonably related to, or does it arise out of, Massachusetts?”

What general concern did Lawyer call to discuss?

Question 5

Two different lawyers who served as Vice-President of the United States have been disbarred. One served as the other’s Vice-President.

For one point each, who are they?