Five for Friday #20

Hard easy to believe it’s been 20 weeks.  One more and we’re legal.

I’m in DC for a conference.  Seminars don’t start until this morning, so I was able to check out the Nationals-Braves game yesterday.  Most readers who are baseball fans are probably used to Sox games at Fenway, where the ticket, parking, and concessions prices make me think of Rule 1.5.

I’ve found the antidote: Nationals Park.  I showed up 5 minutes before game time, went to the ticket window, and paid a grand total of $11 for a front row seats in the 2nd deck along the right field foul line.  Concessions prices are right there with Fenway’s, but those $9 beverages are more palatable having paid only $11 for the privilege. And I saw Bryce Harper’s 100th career home run, which happened to be a grand slam.

And…safe travels to our most devoted non-attorney reader, my brother, Patrick Kennedy, as he embarks for a vacation in France.


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Question 1

As of March 31, I am on pace to field 1000 ethics inquiries in FY 2016.  What topic do lawyers most frequently call to discuss?

Question 2

Lawyer called me with an inquiry. I listened and responded “generally, comparisons to others aren’t allowed.”   What did Lawyer call to discuss?

Question 3

Under Vermont’s ethics rule on client confidences, lawyers generally are prohibited from revealing “information relating to the representation.”  which is most accurate?

  • A.  The ethics rule is co-extensive with the attorney-client privilege.
  • B.  The ethics rule covers less information than the attorney-client privilege.
  • C.  The ethics rule is more broad than the attorney-client privilege.

Question 4

In a major copyright trial pending in federal court, lawyers for Oracle and Google recently agreed:

  • A.  Not to research jurors’ social media presence.
  • B.  To waive a conflict of interest, thereby allowing the Los Angeles and New York City offices of the same global firm to represent the tech companies.
  • C.  That 50% of any award of attorney’s fees will be donated to activities that fund access to justice programs
  • D.  That up to 50% of any award of attorney’s fees will be donated to the California state courts in the form of a state-of-the-art online case management system.

Question 5

Name the lawyer who:

  • gained national renown as a criminal lawyer, labor lawyer, and ACLU attorney
  • called Calvin Coolidge “the greatest man to come out of Plymouth Corner, Vermont.”
  • was charged with attempting to bribe two jurors while representing 2 men on trial for blowing up a building in Los Angeles.  He was acquitted, but was banned from ever again practicing law in California.