As I’ve mentioned, the very first rule in the RPCs mandates competence.  When it comes to making chili, nobody is more competent than my brother.

So, for those of you in the Burlington area today, get down to Nectar’s for the 4th Annual Queen City Chili Cook Off.  When there, be sure to check out Dealer.Com’s own Patrick Kennedy, captain & chief chef of Team No Beans.

How’s this related to ethics? I’m glad you asked.

Rule 1.1 mandates competence.  Patrick has won multiple chili contests (but never this one) so he’s beyond competent.

Rule 1.3 mandates diligence.  Patrick and the other members of Team No Beans have been working for days to perfect this entry.

Rule 1.5 prohibits unreasonable fees.  The contest costs only $5, and includes a little cup o’ chili from from each entrant.

Your bracket is busted and it’s too early to mow your lawn.  So you’re out of excuses!

And, unlike the silly advertising rules, I think I can say that there’s no better chili than Team No Beans chili.   And that’s not puffery my friends.