Five for Friday…..

……will be delayed, if not off this week.

I’m in Chicago for an ABA conference.  I’ll paraphrase some great tips so far:

From Jim Calloway of the Oklahoma State Bar: Jim pointed out that the Wall Street Journal’s famed “B” section (“business”) is now Business and Technology. He mentioned that, in business, there’s now a notion that “every business is a tech business,” with some businesses better than other at incorporation tech into what they do.  So, isn’t true then that every law practice is a tech practice, with some slower to adapt than others? Jim stressed that automated document assembly is key to improve practice management. If you aren’t using it, the ABA wrote in favor of doing so… 2009.

Fred Ury, past president of he Connecticut Bar and a member of the ABA Committee on the Future of the Legal Profession: as a profession, we’re great at forming this task force or that committee.  We’re not so great at follow-up.  How many task force/committee reports are sitting on a shelf somewhere?  Projects need to be ongoing until complete!  Especially the states’ various future commissions.  Don’t let reports sit!  Tech companies are going to solve the problems that “we” are slowly trying to address. If we fail to remain active, if we FAIL TO LEAD, we won’t be part of the solution.

Finally, from several of the panelists, are you worried about the latest tech innovations as legal market disruptors?  You should be.  But you know what?  People are less likely to turn to a robot lawyer when they know the human lawyer — as a PERSON, not as a lawyer.  Get out there and get active in your communities!  Make people think “yeah, but I see Mike around town…he’s a good guy so I’ll stick with him.”  Lawyers who remain an active part of their communities are less likely to be spurned for the latest and greatest market disruptor.

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And how about my mom?!?!  She’s in first place after Day 1 of my NCAA pool.