Your job: their might be an app for that

Kevin Ryan and I often talk tech at CLEs.  When we say that significant changes are coming, some audience members view us as boys crying wolf.

Here’s an update from Business Insider’s Tech blog: in Great Britain, “clients” are using an app to challenge parking tickets.

Now, maybe you’re telling yourself “self, a robot could never do my job. It’s too complicated”  Maybe.  Indeed, the blog about the parking ticket app quotes a few experts who indicate that if it happens, it’s many, many years away.

But, there’s also this bit from the post:

  • “He’s programming the bot to handle more complicated legal issues, too, including asylum for Syrian refugees. The language barrier is a coding challenge, since the robot needs to understand Arabic but produce a legal document in English. This bot will likely launch by summer — at no cost.

    ” ‘If it is one day possible for any citizen to get the same standard of legal representation as a billionaire,” Browder says, “how can that not be a good thing?’ “

One day it’s parking tickets, the next it’s asylum for non-English speakers.  Hmm.  What’s next?

For more on tech ethics, check out my primer on the topic.  Also, last fall, Vermont Commission on the Future of Legal Services issued a report & recommendation.  The report includes recommendations from the Technology Committee.  They begin on page 50.