#FiveforFriday: Week 10

No blogs this week. Sorry about that. I got caught up traveling around the state, but was fortunate to have opportunities to meet with the Caledonia County Bar Association and professors, students, and alums at Vermont Law School.   Legal tech and the ethics of providing advice on marijuana-related issues remain hot topics!

Ok – a few quick reminders:

  • Questions 1-4 are open book, open search engine, feel-free-to-text-a-colleague.
  • Question 5 is not.
  • email your answers to michael.kennedy@vermont.gov
  • forward this to as many people as possible and encourage them to enter.
  • if you are scared reluctant to enter, read THIS!

Looks like there are 10 points on the line in this week’s quiz.


Last week, in a ruling that the Wall Street Journal reported is believed to be the first of its kind involving a defendant who is located within the United States, a federal judge approved service by ___________.


Lawyer called me with an inquiry. I listened, then asked: “do you think it’s going to cause death or substantial bodily harm?”   What did the lawyer call to talk about?


Attorney called me with an inquiry. I listened, then said: “the rule says it’s preferable that it be in writing, but doesn’t require a writing.”   What did Attorney ask whether needs to be reduced to writing?


By rule, in trial, there are four (4) things about which a lawyer may not state a personal opinion.   1 point for each that you name.


Alan and Denny were fictional lawyers who practiced together for years.  Each had a questionable sense of attorney ethics.  Last we saw them, they married.  Among the reasons that they decided to marry: to invoke the spousal privilege if Denny was arrested and Alan asked to testify against him.

  • Identify the television show
  • 2 point bonus:  who officiated their wedding?

There’s still time to donate to the Access to Justice Poverty Law Fellowship Campaign.  If you do, consider making your gift in honor of Bob Paolini.  For more on that, go HERE.